Could your practice use additional clients? Are your marketing costs getting out of hand? Are you looking for a steady source of client referrals?   Scroll down or Email Dana Miner at for information on joining the HCBA’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS).

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Clients Call Us when They Want to Hire Lawyers Like You!

If you’re looking for a source for new clients and a way to grow your business, look to the Hennepin County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service.  Whether you’re in solo-practice or at a large firm—and whatever your area of practice—Lawyer Referral can help paying clients find you.

Since 1948 the Hennepin County Bar Association has served both attorneys and the public with responsible and effective referrals.  It is no surprise that the association was among the earliest adopters of the ABA model rules for referral services and was among the first to be authorized to display this ABA seal recognizing our high-quality service.

Joining the HCBA’s LRIS can be a valuable addition to your current marketing mix.  Whatever your area of practice, LRIS can help paying clients find you.  Contact Dana Miner at to obtain an application.

How We Work

The HCBA receives approximately 1,000 calls each month from individuals seeking legal assistance or looking to hire an attorney. Calls come from throughout the metro area and are from individuals seeking to hire attorneys from all areas of law.

Calls to LRIS are screened by the bar association’s trained referral staff. Staff can set up a consultation with an LRIS panel attorney in the appropriate area of practice.

Callers pay a $30 administrative fee to LRIS for this appointment with one of our panel attorneys. This fee is waived for injury cases. Attorneys are asked to meet with the client for 30 minutes for no additional charge.  Following this initial consultation, if the client chooses to hire the attorney for representation, all fees are negotiated between the attorney and the client.

Benefits to Attorneys

The LRIS is a highly-visible and trustworthy resource that effectively markets its attorneys and their practice areas to the public. LRIS referrals can help attorneys affordably find new clients and build their practice.

LRIS attorneys select the areas of law that they want to receive referrals. Over 100 practice-area panels and sub-panels are available to choose from, so you can select exactly the types of cases that you are looking for.

Clients who call Lawyer Referral are pre-screened by our trained staff. This eliminates cold calls to your office from clients seeking help in areas that you do not practice in. It is explained to all callers that referrals made by LRIS are to independently-priced attorneys, charging market rates for their legal services. Your participation in LRIS assures the public that they can receive a referral to a capable, experienced attorney who can assist them in resolving their legal matter.

Benefits to the Public

Most callers to LRIS have not previously dealt with a legal issue and may be confused about the process of finding and hiring an attorney for their specific legal matter. LRIS can help answer basic questions and relieve the anxiety of individuals who have never hired or worked with an attorney before.

Staff effectively screen clients to help determine the type of legal assistance that is needed. Staff can schedule an appointment with an LRIS panel attorney or can direct callers to helpful resources in the community if that is more appropriate. Clients are provided with a 30-minute initial consultation with an LRIS attorney to receive answers to legal questions, to understand the process involved, and to learn the potential available remedies and estimated cost of working to resolve their legal problem.

Callers receive referrals from a trustworthy, unbiased source, and are referred to qualified attorneys, experienced in the practice areas needed.

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