Just need to ask an attorney a few questions?

Get help at the Legal Access Point

Legal Access Point (LAP): Legal Access Point (LAP) is a joint project sponsored by the HCBA Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), Volunteer Lawyers Network (VLN), and the Hennepin County 4th Judicial District Court. Volunteer attorneys offer brief advice on a walk-in basis weekdays at the Self-Help Center of the Hennepin County Government Center (300 S. 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419) and one Monday a month at the Brookdale courthouse.  At those locations, members of the public with general legal questions are able to speak with attorneys and receive 15-20 minutes of brief advice.   

Click here to view the Legal Access Point calendar to see legal topics handled by volunteer attorneys each day.  Attorneys listed as “General” do not give family or criminal law advice.   

Need help with a family law matter but are over-income for free services?

Get help through the Low Fee Family Law Project.

Low Fee Family Law Project: The Low Fee Family Law Project provides legal assistance at reduced rates for low-income individuals with family law issues.  This program serves persons who are employed or on social security and do no meet the income or asset guidelines of other legal services agencies in our community. 

Contact a referral counselor at 612-752-6666 to set up an income screening by phone to determine your eligibility.   

Charged with a misdemeanor in Hennepin County but don’t know if you should hire an attorney?

Speak with a volunteer attorney at the courthouse before your initial hearing through the Misdemeanor Defense Project (MDP).

Misdemeanor Defense Project (MDP): The Misdemeanor Defense Project is a public service program designed to provide legal advice and direction to persons appearing in Misdemeanor court.  In order to speak with a volunteer attorney, you must not be eligible for a Public Defender.  The primary role of MDP attorneys is to ensure that defendants understand their charges, the court process and their legal options; however, you may be given the option to hire the attorney. 

Call a referral counselor at (612)752-6666 to see if a volunteer attorney is scheduled to be at the courthouse on the day of your initial hearing. 

Are you now in need of legal assistance and are unable to afford to pay an attorney any money?

Contact the Volunteer Lawyers Network (VLN) or Legal Aid for civil legal assistance in many areas of law.

Are you in need of legal assistance and can afford to pay an attorney some money?

Talk with a referral counselor about the availability of Limited Representation.

What is “Limited Scope” or “Unbundled” representation?

Limited scope representation means that you and your attorney agree that you will perform some of the tasks associated with your case, and the attorney will perform others. The attorney then bills you only for the parts of the case the attorney handled.

What types of services might an attorney provide?

Below are some examples of tasks you may want to hire an attorney to perform:

  • Have anattorney available for consultation, legal information, and legal advice about your case when needed
  • Have an attorney review legal correspondence and court documents
  • Have an attorney represent you on only certain issues in your case (such as child support and/or custody) while you do the rest yourself
  • Have an attorney prepare forms and other court documentation but file them yourself and represent yourself at the hearings
  • Have an attorney help you with the factual investigation of your case which might include contacting witnesses and conducting public record searches while you present the evidence to the court
  • Have an attorney help you with the more complicated parts of your case, such as discovery, interrogatories, depositions, document production and legal research/analysis while you complete the simpler tasks
  • Have an attorney coach you on how to represent yourself at the court hearings and help in the preparation of evidence that you will present in court
  • Have an attorney provide you with advice about availability of alternative means to resolving the dispute such as mediation or arbitration
  • Have an attorney available for consultation and trouble-shooting during mediation or arbitration
  • Have an attorney coach you prior to negotiations, arbitrations or mediation while you attend the meeting yourself

Looking for legal information or legal assistance that we haven’t listed here?

Go to the website at LawHelpMN.

LawHelpMN contains a collection of articles containing legal information about a many areas of law, free do-it-yourself legal forms, and a list of legal clinics that may be available in your area.  https://www.lawhelpmn.org/